Traditions are the unseen life force at any great institution. They bring about a tremendous sense of belonging and foster, what is known as ‘unified pride’.

Toddlers' Home Annual Function: A cultural extravaganza where each child is given an opportunity to demonstrate their latent talent. A confluence of head and the heart. Programs ‘staged’ by students and ‘orchestrated’ by a dedicated faculty.

Investiture Ceremony: A great occasion and a matter of pride for the students, parents and faculty. A wonderful opportunity for students to develop leadership qualities, sense of responsibility and support of faculty and fellow students.

Children's Day: A special day for students. An unforgettable day filled with various fun filled activities and a special fete organised by teachers for their students.

Founder’s Day: It provides a common platform where we endeavor to gather the young talent of the area to encourage their creativity and build in them a sense of accomplishment. Various competitions are organised throughout the day. Inter School English/Hindi Debate and Painting Competitions are organised. An event of great significance.

Science Fest: A melting pot of ideas galvanized into action. The creativity of the young mind demonstrated through projects, models and power point presentations.