Community Services

We strongly focus and practice on activities that are aimed for the welfare of the society in general. These exercises generate awareness amongst the students and helps to build an attitude of selfless service. Some of the activities include:

1. R.A.N. Public School at Dhanora, Bilaspur

This school was brought into existence with a motive to purely impart education to that part of society who cannot afford quality education. Here students get education free of cost. The books/stationary and dresses are also provided by the R.A.N. Educational Society. The school is fully equipped with all amenities such as library, games field and well ventilated classrooms, activity room and trained teaching staff.

2. Interaction with other Local neighbourhood Primary Schools

We also in still in the students, values like compassion, kindheartedness and generosity. Students visit neighbourhood Primary schools to interact with those students and also distribute books, toys, clothes, sweets etc. Senior students enjoy interacting by teaching.

3. Environmental Conservation

At a very young age itself students are taught about the vital role that plants play in our eco-system to help sustain human life. To conserve environment, students form groups and initiate various activities which involve

(1) Students conduct tree plantation and monitor the growth of the plants
(2) Students are rewarded with saplings, instead of gifts
(3) Students form groups, visit shops and Neighborhood colonies to spread the awareness of environmental conservation, maintaining local cleanliness and to refrain using poly bags.